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Through my qualifications and training, I initially consult all clients on an individual level before advising or designing any fitness, food and/or health plans.

Melissa Miragaia Ayurvedic Gut Health Specialist Fitness Trainer


The story of The Noosa Studio and the history of how it all began. “Originally Nirvana Life“ Fitness Coach / Ayurvedic consultant / Online and face to face personal trainer / Gut health specialist.

Hi, my name is Melissa Andreucci Miragaia Ribeiro. I created “Nirvana Life” in 2011 with the passion for helping people look great and, most importantly, feel great, physically and mentally. The Nirvana Life brand has now changed to “Noosa Studio“.

My passion for Noosa Studio began from my own experience 15 years ago. I was experiencing severe digestive issues to the point of going to the hospital many times. I grew up in a sporty family and always ate extremely healthy however my body was experiencing a severe imbalance.

Face To Face PT

Boxing, weight training, body sculpting options as well as endurance training available

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Ayurveda Services

Includes full analysis, consultation, treatment plan and follow up.

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Online Coaching

Can be purchased and followed from anywhere in the world.

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Before receiving your eBook you will have a consultation which will assess your individual goals, gut health and any focusses you may have. This ensures that your plan is tailored for you.

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Frequently asked questions

11 years professionally
qualified and running and helping people all over the world.

The combination of Ayurvedic medicine and fitness coaching enables each individual customer to be treated uniquely, giving the best maintainable results.

One on one personal training face to face or worldwide zoom sessions, Small group personal training face to face or worldwide zoom sessions, Ayurvedic gut health consulting, Nutrition macro meal plans, Gut
health detox plans, Boxing training.

Noosa, Sunshine Coast. Offering worldwide coaching.

Please get in contact, I will always aim to suit any budget by providing packages to suit individual circumstances.

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