Many people struggle to stay active when breaking for a holiday but fitness expert and gut health Ayurveda nutrition specialist, Melissa Miragiai shows us how we can still stay fit and fabulous while we have our summer fun. 

Working in the fitness and health industry for more than ten years I have seen many clients struggle to maintain their health and fitness goals when they are out of routine. This can be when school holidays hit, during the busy Christmas period and particularly when travelling. Here are some simple ways to help stay on track and in shape while you travel and play: 


Organising your holiday ahead of time will ensure your health and fitness doesn’t get left behind. Journal your planned activities, restaurant bookings and recreation. I find that mapping out your trip ahead of time is the best way to MAKE time in your schedule to exercise. Many people want to take a break from exercise when away, but exercise should never be a chore – it should be a part of your lifestyle. If you are trying to reach a goal and create a habit when at home, there should be no reason to stop when you are travelling.

Researching local gyms and studios before you leave will ensure you can access casual classes and sessions at your destination. Or why not make the most of your environment and find a mobile trainer that can bring all the benefits to you and make it fun and interesting. 


If you cannot commit to your regular gym program, I always recommend an outdoor routine which can be done with minimal equipment. I usually find mixing my routines up when travelling is great, particularly if you are on a beach holiday. Sand between your toes, salt air, morning sun, there is nothing better!  Here are some of the basics to pack:

– resistance bands 

– booty bands 

– small dumbbells if possible (easy to place in luggage)


I recommend this quick 30 min workout first thing in the morning to have you energised and ready for the day ahead. Let’s face it, when beer o’clock hits you won’t be thinking about bar bells and squats – more like cocktails and shots! 

  1. Warm up with resistance bands: squat to press x 20 reps; pause at the bottom and squeeze glutes on the way up.

  2. Booty band kickbacks: 20 x each leg; pause at the top of the movement and squeeze glutes.

  3. Squat jumps: x 20; jump as high as you can landing through your heels.

  4. Lunge jumps: x 20 each leg; jump as high as you can landing on your back toe.

  5. Dumbbell chest press: x 20 reps; or Superman’s if you don’t have weights.

  6. Dumbbell side raise: x 20 reps; or shadow punching x 1 min.

  7. Sit ups x 20

  8. Leg raises x 20 

Total: 8 exercises with 20 reps each. 

Finish with 5-10 mins of stretching. 


A big part of the holiday experience is to enjoy different types of food but it is just as important to make sure you balance your food choices.

Breakfast: A protein shake/smoothie is a quick, healthy and easy option to get your day started. If you are eating out opt for a high protein breakfast that will keep you full and satisfied for longer. Try eggs and smashed avo. 

Lunch/Dinner: Again, choosing a higher protein meal is always best to help you feel fuller. 

Water: Keep your water intake high to prevent dehydration, headaches, fatigue and maintain your energy level. A simple tool to calculate how much water intake you should be having is to drink one litre of water per 25kg of body weight.  I recommend you carry around a large refillable water bottle so you do not forget to drink. 


Recovery and relaxation is just as important as the workout while on holiday. 

If you are sore from your workout, use your session time to go on a nice 30-minute walk and finish with a stretch and meditation. 

Book in for yoga or massages (particularly ones that come to you!), take long walks in nature if possible; go for a surf, read a book, most importantly enjoy yourself – you’re on holiday!  

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